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Cambodge Guide

Cambodgeguide is an association of French Spanish and English speaking tour guides and others tour guides speaking many languages in Cambodia. The creation is destined to serve the visitors as experienced Tour guides in the trip organization to discover charming Cambodia.

We are Cambodian and we work with our passion to spread out our Khmer culture. The country of Khmers, Cambodia was the great Empire which kept the plenty of heritages. The monuments the pagodas and the typical village whose the daily lives immortalize the soul of our civilization.

In order to understand well these Khmer marvel incomparable, our Team of Cambodgeguide is at your disposal.

Our tour products are classifies in various categories such as

  • The cultural tour
  • Adventure Tour
  • The classical Tour

In particular, we do the customized program to take advantage of your special needs.

What are the sites to be discovered? Why are Khmers people smiling?  How do the Khmers live and able to establish these Khmer Marvels as well as possible?

Cambodgeguide will bring you to reveal all secret of Cambodia.

Cambodgeguide, Desire of visitors, ability of the guides !

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